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Documentation for the C++ LCD API.



This API can be used to create clients for LCDproc server. It contains a set of C++ classes for each widgets.


The class that must be used for all programms is LCDClient as it contains everything to connect to the server.

You'll probably also need LCDScreen to create a new screen to be displayed.

To learn more about all the classes, consult the Modules section.


You can get the source from the following link:

You can then unpack them with:

tar zxf lcdapi-0.2.tar.gz
Go into the new directory and type:
You will then have the library in the lib directory.


To use this library, you have to include only one file, LCDHeaders.h as it includes all the other files.

Your program must be linked with the socket and the pthread libraries.

To compile client.cpp for example, you should use these commands on a GNU/Linux system:

export LCD_API_DIR=/where/LCD_API/is export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LCD_API_DIR/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH g++ -o client client.cpp -I$LCD_API_DIR/include -L$LCD_API_DIR/lib -llcdapi -lpthread
There may have some differences on other systems. For example you must add -lsocket on Solaris.


You can find in the examples page some example of programms using the API.
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